Modern Rural Living: A Brand New Journey

For a few months now, I have been contemplating starting a blog and today, I took that leap. It sure is an adrenaline rush! The reason I started this blog is because (I think) I have so much to share and I figured this would be the best platform for me to do so. So let’s get this started.

Hi, my name is Amy. I am a 26 year-old graphic designer for an Iowa seed company. The funny thing is, I never grew up on a farm or even near one, but I love what I am learning about the ag industry, there is something new every day. I am also very passionate about family, food, fitness and faith.

With this blog, I hope to share a bit about all of those passions. For starters, last year, I finished building a home, from the ground up, with my boyfriend of 7 years. It is 100% customized to our liking, but none of it came easy. We had to give up a lot to make our dream come true. Now that the house is built, we’re in the process of making it a home. I will be sharing more stories and pictures about that experience later.

Another topic that I want to talk about and that is new to me, is the process of turning to a healthier lifestyle with WeightWatchers and fitness. I have struggled with weight my whole life and just this year, I have put my foot down and decided that now is better than ever to change. Another topic that goes hand-in-hand with healthy living is healthy eating, so of course, I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes, as well as some tips for eating out on a diet.

Lastly, along with my weight loss journey, I have been trying harder on my appearance. I have never really been into beauty and makeup so it’s all new to me and I’m learning to love it. In high school, I was the girl that always wore jeans, a t-shirt and sweatshirt. In college, I wore men’s basketball shorts with a t-shirt. I’m surprise that I actually met my boyfriend, and someday husband, at college. When I met him, is when i actually started to care about my appearance. Seven years later, I’m back to the men’s shorts and t-shirt. So about 3 months ago, I said to myself, “Amy, you’re almost 30. You need to start dressing like an adult and not a college student.” So that is when I got into reviewing makeup and skincare products. It’ll be fun to have a place where I can do a full review instead of just posting the picture of what I got.

So, for my first blog, I think that about cover’s it all. I am sure that I’ve missed something as it’s 10:30pm and way past my bed time, but till next time. 

2 thoughts on “Modern Rural Living: A Brand New Journey

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. 🙂 Building a house from scratch sounds so classic and romantic for some reason…that is definitely something to be proud of!
    Happy Travels,


    • Thanks Daisy! It really was. I am lucky to have such an amazing man by my side who would build a house for us to grow in. Will be nice turning the house into our home. 🙂


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