May Favorites 2014

So I’m sure many of you have seen or read blogs about “My favorite things”, well I have decided that I would give it a shot. At the end of every month, I’ll talk about some of my favorite things that I have used, ate or done that month. Let’s get started!

Body Stuff

These are the things that I have been grabbing this month! I am nearly out of my Moringa Body Scrub so I’ll be getting another or might be trying another flavor. Since I have terribly dry skin, I put this hand cream on all the time. It’s like an ointment, but it’s not really greasy which I LOVE!  The other two are pretty self explanatory. 😉


So 2 of these 3 products I saw in MissGlamorazzi videos and have fallen in love with them. The Elixir is pretty great because since getting my hair colored, it’s been very dry and this really helps with the frizz and makes it look healthier.

Skin Care

Been trying some new face washes and this is a go to! I use to almost every day. The Aloe… well I got a major sunburn a fe weekends ago and now this has become my best friend. 🙂


Amazing! Love the “in Bloom” scents from Victoria’s Secrete. I hope they keep them around or bring them back at least!


I love me some bright pink lipgloss! 🙂


My 2 favorite things right now with fashion are my jean jacket and my Tieks. My pink Tieks are a a staple item! They go with almost everything AND they are crazy comfy!! I think every woman should own a pair! And then my new jean jacket. Last time I had a jean jacket was when I was in Middle School about 16 years ago. wow! I forgot how cute and classic they are! They can go with any outfit. I love pairing it with dresses.


I don’t know how many great things I can say about these 3 items. All are super healthy and all are delicious! I always have a KIND bar in my purse. They are the best!! And who doesn’t love tea?! Wether it’s sweetened or not. I’m a fan!


I feel like I need to explain this one a bit. Every single time I watch the video below, it makes me smile, so big! She is so talented!! I love how much she loves. The way she loves her husband, her puppies, her family, her friends and even her followers. She is such a great person who truly is positive. Surrounding yourself with positive people is the only way to live a happy life.


My 2 activity trackers are great! Both show me a lot. I love the Weight Watchers Activity link because it syncs with my WW online tools. The roller has been amazing after my workouts and after running. It’s a must for all active people! 🙂

This is not a sponsored post. I have paid for all these items myself. All the thoughts & opinions are my own.


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