The Body Shop & Lush Haul

A few weeks ago was my first time ever getting to shop at The Body Shop and Lush. The closest store to me is 2+ hours away. It was nice to actually get to go to the store instead of shopping online. There is nothing more fun than getting to walk around a store and touch and smell things. I first went into The Body Shop and I kind of knew what I wanted but I wanted to walk around and look at everything.


The Body Shop

I bought more at The Body Shop because I knew more about the brand. Lush was a whole new experience for me. This is what I got from The Body Shop from left to right:

Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment — 1.0 oz — $20: This serum is light, easily absorbed, and, oil-free. The girl that worked there recommended that I try it, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again as I like the serum that I’m using now.

Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Hair & Body — 1.7 oz — $14: I have heard about this stuff online, so I figured I’d give it a try. I have some terribly dry skin so I use this on the patches that are worse than any other place.

Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub — 7.1 oz— $20: This smells AMAZING!!! I couldn’t leave without this! Their body scrubs are some of the best so I’m always up to trying some new scents.

Moringa Body Butter — 6.7 oz — $20: Can  you tell that I LOVE their Moringa scent. I could smell this all day long! It is AMAZING!!! I had to get it in everything!

Mini Moringa Body Butter — 1.7 oz — $6: Yep… I had to get a little one for my purse.

Mini Moringa Body Scrub: I don’t remember what this cost as it was in a mini area, but I would think it’d be $6. This product is actually what started my love of The Body Shop. Since I bought a big grapefruit one, I decided on a small version of this.


My first time to Lush was pretty fun, but it was almost overwhelming. There was so much to see/smell and learn about so I’m thinking I’ll need to spend more time there next time. This is what I got this time.

RosArganRo’s Argan Body Conditioner — 8.4 oz — $32.95: Okay…. This is the best body product I have ever tried. If I could fall in love with a product, this would be it. No joke. The way this smells and the way it makes my body feel after using it, is heavenly. The scent sticks with you throughout the day. It’s amazing. They should make a perfume that is this scent. I would buy it out. Their African Paradise Body Conditioner smelled just as amazing. It was SO hard to pick!

Twilight Bath Bomb — 6.3 oz — $6.25: Lush is known for their bath bombs and this bomb soothes your stressed out body and mind. This is their most relaxing Bath Bomb. It changes color like the sky at dusk, from pinks to purples and darker still. It even has seaweed flecks that make you shimmer like Edward in Twilight.

Butterball Bath Bomb — 3.1 oz — $4.95: This is the first bomb that I picked up at the store because it was to help relieve dry skin. It’s a very vanilla-scented Bath Bomb. It’s a little fizzer which makes it feel like you are soaking in frothed milk; it’s fantastic for rehydrating dry skin. Baths can dry your skin if they’re too hot, so if you’re in need of a long bath, pop one of these into the tub.

This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all these product myself and all the thoughts/opinions are my own.

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