Lunch at the Ladybug Greenhouse Cafe, Bakery, & Spa

Yesterday, a few of the North Iowa Bloggers got together again to have some lunch at a fairly new restaurant to Clear Lake, the Ladybug Greenhouse Cafe, Bakery, Wellness Center & Spa. I’m always up for trying new restaurants, especially when they are in my hometown! 🙂

Photo Credited to Sara Broers of Travel with Sara.

Photo Credited to Sara Broers of Travel with Sara.

Beth Ann, from It’s Just Life, set this whole lunch up for us and boy I’m glad that she did it because she had a heck of a time getting it all set up. So, to eat at this restaurant, you will more than likely need a reservation to get in since they are so busy! The bad thing is, it’s very hard to get ahold of them to set the reservation up, so here’s a TIP: call a few days in advance to make sure you can get through and get the reservation made. You will say, “but you didn’t make the reservation.” No, I didn’t, but I have tried to call them before to asks few questions about some of the things that they sell there, and they never answered to got back to me. I actually had to ask my dad to stop by and ask them since I live to far away for an unsure answer.

When I got there, the outside was pretty similar to the way it used to be back when it was The Petal Shoppe. I like how they kept the greenhouse look and feel. They even have seating in one of the greenhouse buildings. It would be perfect for a summer time lunch with friends… or maybe even a rehearsal dinner?! 🙂

When you walk in, they have a few small tables to sit and play checkers or chess and some that have delicious sweets on them. 🙂 It took all of my will-power to avoid those tables. I have tasted them before and they are super delicious!


The daughter of the owner took me back to one of their rooms where they have seating and they have the cutest things for sale all around. I’ll have to come back in April when they open again to get some good shopping in.

LadyBug_SignTheir whole setup inside is fun. It’s like a tea room feel. You know how some tea rooms have different decor in every room and then they have fun dishes to go with it? Yep, that is how this felt. 🙂 We were the last ones there during their lunch hour, so we got to roam each room as well as their other buildings outside.




So this is the look and feel of the Ladybug Greenhouse Cafe, now lets talk food! 🙂 The food was pretty good. I’m very picky when it comes to chicken salad and I totally forgot to ask if it had celery in it or not. I got it and ate it regardless. I am so glad that I didn’t ask because it was perfect! It had a hint of sweetness which you don’t find in many chicken salads in this area. Each meal you get comes with a side salad or soup, chips & a dessert all for $9.95! Holy Cow! That is SO much food at such a great price. They call it “Three or the Pickins”, how cute! 🙂


They have a total of 4 options to choose from; Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free. You then get a salad which is their Apple Cranberry with Raspberry Dressing. You finish off the meal with a dessert. They have a Pumpkin Cupcake, a Chocolate Brownie with a Cream Sauce or Gelato.

What I really like about this place is that is offers a vegetarian and gluten-free option. Not many places serve or specify those options for people. In this ever changing world, it’s nice that restaurants are making it easy for people with allergies or different lifestyle.


Over all, I would say that this place is a great place to stop for a lighter lunch. You do get a lot of food, so you don’t leave hungry, but It’s nice option compared to all the bars, steakhouses and fast food places out there.

Ladybug Greenhouse Cafe, Bakery, Wellness Center & Spa

Location: Clear Lake, IA
Price: $$ ($10-30)
Rating: ✮✮✮✮☆


This is not a sponsored post. I paid for this meal myself and all the thoughts/opinions are my own.

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