Birchbox | Limited Edition: Fall Fête

What I love most about Birchbox are the products and special, limited edition(LE) boxes they put out. This is not the first time I’ve bought a LE box before, but this is the first one that included non-beauty related products. I was so excited when I saw kitchen/party products. Birchbox says, “this box is here to give your next event an extra upgrade”, which is so true! From the two artisanal cocktail syrups to the enchanting place cards, this box will sweeten up any occasion! 🙂

Birchbox Limited Edition: Fall Fête

A $97 value for only $42!


Here are some of the products that I got in the box.

When you first open the box, you see a lot of white crinkle paper, but on to of that is the car that tells you all about the box as well as what it is, where it’s from and how to use it. I love saving these cards so I can remember where to get them if I want to get a gift for someone later on.


Of the first two products on the list, I was most excited about the Core Bamboo Salad Hands ($18 value). They actually had 2 different variation of these hands that they were sending out, and I am SO glad that I go this version because I think they look a lot more sleep and traditional. The Birchbox Exclusive Coasters ($10 value) are very nice. They are made of a cardboard/paper material so they would be great for a one time use, but if you are using them around the house, they last quite awhile.


The second two items, were both on my wish list. I loved the colors of the Core Silicon Pinch Bowl set ($20 value) so much, but like the salad hands, they had two different color sets that you could receive, and thank goodness I got the ones that I like. The Govino ‘Go Anywhere’ Decanter ($14.95 value) looked pretty nice too. It’s made out of a shatterproof BPA-free polymer(plastic). SO cool!!  I really like how it had a place for your thumb to make it easier to pour.


The next two are always nice to have around. The Greenleaf Room Spray in Apple Spice & Cinnamon ($9 value) I was so excited to get because I seriously cannot get enough of that scent. It’s great for any time of year, especially autumn. 🙂 The Knot & Bow Party Confetti Bag ($10 value) is so cute! Yes confetti can be such a mess, so it’s something I’d only bring out for parties.


Of the last two products, I was most excited about the Royal Rose Simple Syrups in Raspberry and Lavender-Lemon ($5.50 value). I’m not going to lie, this was one of the main reasons that I wanted this box. 🙂 I wasn’t excited about the Rifle Paper Company Dusty Rose Place Cards ($7 value) because even when I do have parties, We never need name cards. I will save them because, someday I’d like to start a gourmet food club, just like my parents.


Over all, This box was SO worth the value! I cannot wait to have a get together using all these products. It will have to wait till summer because it will be getting cold here in just a few weeks.

Want to see a video of all these products? Check out this one from Birchbox.

 * This is not a sponsored post. I just really love Birchbox and all the boxes/products they sell. All opinions are my own *

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