Top 5 places to shop local in Mason City, Iowa

Yesterday, a few of the North Iowa Bloggers decided to spend the morning shopping local in Mason City, Iowa. Mason City is what I would say is the central “hub” of North Iowa. It’s the town the has all the big box stores, but when we went shopping, we wanted to make it a point to only shop local as there are so many stores with such great things! We were sure to find something for everyone in our families.

Here are the stores that we stopped at and are a must during the holiday season.

    1. Soyphisticated Candles

      Our first stop of the morning was at Soyphisticated Candles. To tell you the truth, I have lived next to Mason City my whole life and I never knew about this place! Sophisticated Candles is located on East State Street, right next to East Park. They have everything from candles to soaps, to sprays and oils.All of these products are made in Mason City with natural and renewable soy and essential oils. What I love about soy candles is that they burn cleanly, with very little to no black, sooty buildup.

  1. Market 124

    Market 124 is one of my all time favorite local stores in North Iowa. They have so many different things from all over Iowa. Basically, their goal is to support and promote locals through retail sales for artists and small business owners.

    Inside Market 124, you will find a collaboration with many different local businesses and artists. They offer many handmade and unique yet quality products. Another thing that I love is that they offer pottery painting and cupcakes. Want something fun to do with your kids when they are home during the Christmas holiday, this place is great for every age!

  2. Orange Possum

    This store is crazy cute! Are you needing something new to wear for an upcoming holiday party or even just a family gathering? This place has some of the best and latest trends in fashion. This story is fairly new to Mason City but not new to North Iowa. Orange Possum first opened up in Hampton, Iowa, just a short 40 min drive South of Mason City. They had such a success in Franklin County, that they opened a store here and it has been so great for them. My favorite items from Orange Possum are the patterned pants. I loved them so much that I had to get a pair myself. 🙂

  3. Real Deals

    Real Deals is another fairly new store in Mason City. It’s also only open Thursday – Saturday. I think that is okay because most people do their shopping those day. They have so many different things from antique looking to modern apparel. So I thought this was a “local store” but I found out that it is actually a fairly large chain store. I am okay with that because there aren’t any other’s in North Iowa, so I will keep going here to find the cutest holiday decor.

  4. Amish Heirlooms

    So this isn’t a store that most people think of as local, but it is. It’s also not a store that people consider fun to go to, but me on the other hand, I love it!! I am in the market for a new dining room set as well as a bedroom set. Amish Heirlooms has such an amazing selection and it’s ALL customizable, since it’s all handmade from the amish in Indiana. If I could, I would buy everything for my house here. Actually, I probably will someday, but since it’s all handmade and custom, it’s quite spendy. If you are looking for some great furniture, make sure to stop in because everything there is a work of art!

There are many other store in Mason City to visit but these are just the top 5 that I love to go to. Since I’m all about shopping local, you should also check out the shopping in downtown Clear Lake, Hampton, Osage, St. Ansgar and Charles City.

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