Festive Wreath Making

Since this is going on my second year of living on my own, I am still if the process of starting and making my own traditions and I think I have found one that I want to keeping doing every year. I especially want to keep this going once I start to grow my family as it teaches patience, creativity and social skills.


Michelle (Carlson) Hartman is seriously a gem and is such a huge help. When our group arrived at the Carlson Tree Farm she got us all together to show us how to make the “perfect” bouquet. The wreath’s we created are made up of 10 bouquet’s of greenery; Scotch Pine, Arborvitae, and Fraser fir.

We could choose any mixture of the three. I choose to keep it simple and use the Pine and Arborvitae. This was actually a recommendation of my wreath making partner and experienced DIY’er friend, Alicia. I will admit that just because I am a designer doesn’t mean I am good at this kind of stuff. Give me a computer and I can do just about anything but outside of that, I have no confidence in my abilities, so I was glad to have someone helping me that knew what they were doing.

Once you gather all your 10 bouquets and get them clamped into the form, you are then ready to take it to the decoration station. They have SO many different things to put on your wreath like ribbon, pinecones, berries, birds, ornaments, and the list goes on. It’s like a Christmas jackpot! I only chose to put 3 things on mine since I wanted to keep it pretty simple and natural looking.


One of the ladies there helps with the decoration part, she actually made my box and helped my group my pinecones so I owe a lot of this wreath looking great to her. So like I said before, I am not good at this, so I am SO happy that they have people on hand that are there to help so you don’t go home with something less than “perfect”.

Beth on the left making it look so easy. Me on the right, terrified of my decorating skills. :)

Beth on the left making it look so easy. Me on the right looking terrified of my decorating skills.


Back Row: Jeni, Donna, Katy Front Row: Beth Ann, Alicia, Me

Even though I was scared of my abilities to do this kind of a project, it was so much fun and I learned so much. It’s easy enough for anyone to do it and if you have a tree farm near you, find out if they offer classes like this because you will go home with some pretty great memories and a super nice wreath that you can say you made yourself.

Thank you to the Carlson Tree Farm for welcoming the North Iowa Bloggers with open arm and such great hospitality, it really put as all in the holiday spirit. I know I can’t wait to come back next year!

My finished wreath

My finished wreath

If you want a simple and easy way to hang a wreath? I went to my local Hobby Lobby store and found their wreath section and I found these nice and big suction cup wreath hooks. Since my front door is almost 9-foot tall, this as more than perfect! You can’t even see it!! Thanks Hobby Lobby for saving the day!

Want to get into connect with the Carlson Tree Farm? Check out their links below:

Website | Email | Facebook

7 thoughts on “Festive Wreath Making

  1. AMY I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for joining in the CRAZY Carlson Tree Farm FUN! We LOVE to help people create Holiday Memories That Last a Lifetime!!!!! We appreciate you FUN LOVING North Iowa Bloggers for being a part of our Wreath Making Class!!!


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