Pie’s & More, a hidden gem in Mason City, IA

Pie’s & More is cute little restaurant in Mason City, IA. It’s hidden away in a little strip mall. This strip mall doesn’t get a ton of traffic so I think a lot of people forget about this place, but with food and service like they have, it should be top of the list for best comfort food in North Iowa.

Pie’s & More has become part of our family tradition the week of Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, everyone starts to roll into town around 10am, but since no one wants to make lunch we all meet up at Pie’s & More, which is located in the Willowbrook Mall. We have quite a large family so we try to get there around 11:30 to get one of the large tables saved for us. My favorite spot is sitting in the front window so I can people watch while waiting for everyone to arrive.

The absolute FIRST thing you HAVE to do upon arriving is to pick out the type of Pie you want. It sounds crazy to order and receive your dessert before you get your entree, but it’s an absolute must if you want the pie you want. Since pie is in their name, this is what people come for so it goes fast. They have something new and different every time I go, but my favorite are coconut cream, chocolate and Banana Cream. Other people in my family like Apple, Peach and Pecan.


After getting settled in, you can look through their menu which had both breakfast and lunch on there. I don’t even think twice on what I’m getting because I get the same thing every time… well almost every time.

My regular order is half of a Hot Beef Sandwich with potatoes (or sometimes double potatoes, just like how my grandpa orders). This time I walked past a couple who had a Hot Turkey Sandwich so I knew I had to have that, because you know, I wasn’t going to get enough Turkey the very next day. 😉 I actually only got a half sandwich because I am trying to watch what I eat since my wedding is only a few short months away and we all know it’s easier to put on than lose.

Overall, I give this place 5 stars in my book because the people that work there are SO kind and make you feel like you are apart of their family, they have great home cooked meals that warm you from the inside out and then they have the best pie selection around (all of which are homemade).


Pie’s & More

Location: Mason City, IA
Price: $ ($5-10)
Rating: ✮✮✮✮✮

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