West Fork Wharf, Celebrating the Local School & Sports

I have heard so many great things about the West Fork Wharf ever since they opened in June (2014). Many of my friends and family have been but I kept missing out. Finally, a few of the North Iowa Bloggers decided to go there for supper after our recent wreath making class. Since I’ve never been here before, I was really looking forward to seeing all the awesome decor that I have heard about.


The whole restaurant celebrates and supports the West Fork school district. When we walked in the whole west side had West Fork  memorabilia all over. The bench seats are bleachers from the Thornton school gym and the tabletops are made from the flooring. If you take a closer look, the images on the walls are team photos and other items from the school district over the years. How cool is that! I know local businesses usually support their local schools, but this takes it to a whole new level which makes for a great experience for any aged group.

The other half of the bar that I didn’t get to go explore that closely is decorated with things from the outdoors and is considered more of a “supper club”. Co-owners, Bob & Kim Jenson and Brad & Kourtney Willman were interviewed by the Globe Gazette and they said in that article that it features a large ceiling fan made from airboat parts, old and new photos of Kim and Bob’s families doing outdoors activities and other items. I will have to go and check it out next time I go.

Okay, enough about their awesome decor, I’m sure you’re wondering about their food. 🙂

It sure was a night for firsts for me the evening we went because it was the first time I made a wreath and the first time I tried a mushroom and LIKED IT!! All 3 appetizer that we got were amazing! We ordered cheese balls, Wharf-Shrooms (breaded mushrooms) and bruschetta. The cheeseballs were okay, but the bruschetta and mushrooms were my favorite!


Photo Credited to: Beth Ann of It's Just Life.

Photo Credited to: Beth Ann of It’s Just Life.

After we got the appetizers, we all put in our orders for our meals. I will say here, I ordered the wrong thing because I didn’t love it and I ended up not feeling well for a few days after. Every one else ordered the REALLY good food! Beth Ann got the special which was a Hot Beef Sandwich with a twist.. I have NO idea why I didn’t get that, but I learned my lesson and I’ll be getting that next time. But what I got was the fish dinner that came with a side salad and a potato. The Mashed Potatoes were great and the fish was good at the time, but nothing to write home about. The fish was actually kind of soggy. It was cooked great, I just think it was too much fried food that made me so sick.

I will say that their iced tea is AMAZING. I had 4 or 5 glasses when I normally only have 1 or 2. I couldn’t stop drinking it. I don’t know if it’s boxed or fresh brewed, but give me a pitcher and I’ll drink the whole thing. 🙂


West Fork Wharf

Location: Sheffield, IA
Price: $$ ($10-30)
Rating: ✮✮✮✮☆

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