3rd Annual Farm to Table | Mason City, IA

When you hear Farm to Table, what do you think of?

When I hear that phrase, I think of bringing people together within the community through agri-tourism, local food, farmers and chefs who are experts in bringing the freshest ingredients to the table in creative and unique ways, and on October 29, that is exactly what I experienced. I actually decided to try and get a ticket at the last minute because the menu looked amazing! I knew it was something I had to be apart of!


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Nature Box | My first box!

So last month I decided to stop my subscription with Ipsy to try something new and I decided on Nature Box. Some of my friends have tried it and said it was okay so I had to give it a try myself. What attracted me most to it was that it’s very customizable and a good value. Another neat thing is that they only use natural ingredients. If you avoid certain foods in your diet, you will love that you can preview the ingredients before you pick snacks and search for snacks that follow your dietary needs before you pick your 5 for the month (or you can be surprised). And I have to mention that the sized are VERY generous! So generous, that most of the bags have a serving size of 3-4. It’s so worth the 19.95 cost.


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Foodie Friday | Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich

Last week I went out to lunch with some of the North Iowa Bloggers to the Lady Bud Cafe. Beth Ann had their egg salad sandwich, which I i still want to try. But it got me thinking, There are so many calories in an egg salad sandwich. So since I love eggs, and I love egg salad sandwiches, but I hate the calories in it… here is a healthier version that is to die for! 🙂


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Foodie Friday | Easy Apple Dip

So last week, I missed Food Friday, but it was for a very good reason. My fiancée and I got a puppy! 🙂 We spent the last few days we had “alone” to prep for this new puppy. 🙂 Will share more about his story in an upcoming blog post, so keep an eye out for a cute puppy blog.

This week, I decided to keep it simple and easy, since that is what my life seems to be consisting of these days. Since we’re well into fall and I’m sure a lot of you are headed out to apple orchards or pumpkin patches, I thought I’d be a great time to share a quick apple dip recipe. If you are wanting a fancy apple dip recipe to take to a party, check out Beth Ann’s recipe on her blog, It’s Just Life: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.


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Lunch at the Ladybug Greenhouse Cafe, Bakery, & Spa

Yesterday, a few of the North Iowa Bloggers got together again to have some lunch at a fairly new restaurant to Clear Lake, the Ladybug Greenhouse Cafe, Bakery, Wellness Center & Spa. I’m always up for trying new restaurants, especially when they are in my hometown! 🙂

Photo Credited to Sara Broers of Travel with Sara.

Photo Credited to Sara Broers of Travel with Sara.

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