Foodie Friday | Ring in the New Year with Family Traditions

Have you made New Year’s traditions?

My fiancee Spenser Gruis, and I have a few traditions we enjoy each New Year.  For the past 5 years, we have spent New Year’s Eve with his parents, Scott and Cheryl Gruis.  The Gruis family works hard at their family-owned towing company.  When we actually get the chance to sit down all together for a nice meal, we want to take full advantage of it!

Photo by Seneca Epley Photography

Photo by Seneca Epley Photography

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Festive Wreath Making

Since this is going on my second year of living on my own, I am still if the process of starting and making my own traditions and I think I have found one that I want to keeping doing every year. I especially want to keep this going once I start to grow my family as it teaches patience, creativity and social skills.


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iPad Mini Holiday Giveaway (11/16 – 12/14)

Hey everyone! Are you looking for a great gift to giveaway this year at Christmas? Maybe for your child, your parents or even your spouse? An iPad Mini is the way to go! This tablet is great for any age because you can read, catch up on social media,  play games, watch movies, your options are endless on this gadget.

I highly recommend an iPad as they are so universal and very intuitive! You can pick it up and learn how to use it in a matter of minutes! I am asking for one of these for Christmas for myself. I have an iPad, iPod and an iPhone, so this would fit very well in my iCollection 😉

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Being a Tourist in your own town | Clear Lake Harvest Festival

Last weekend sure was a busy one, I think every town had something going on. I know a few of the North Iowa Bloggers spent the weekend down in Franklin County for their Bloggers Harvest Tour. If you want to read about their weekend, you can find their posts at the links below.

While they were enjoying Franklin County, I was with my family in Clear Lake enjoying their Harvest Festival. This is an event that I look forward to every year. This year was extra special because it was their 10th Anniversary. To celebrate, they had special bags to put everything in. They also had a fun contest where a few people had specially painted wine glasses. You were to then take the glass to the chamber to get your prize. It was kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to see if you had the golden ticket… or painted wine glass. 🙂 Sadly, no one is my family got one, but a lady that I work with said someone in her group of friends got one. So cool!


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