Foodie Friday | Easy Apple Dip

So last week, I missed Food Friday, but it was for a very good reason. My fiancée and I got a puppy! 🙂 We spent the last few days we had “alone” to prep for this new puppy. 🙂 Will share more about his story in an upcoming blog post, so keep an eye out for a cute puppy blog.

This week, I decided to keep it simple and easy, since that is what my life seems to be consisting of these days. Since we’re well into fall and I’m sure a lot of you are headed out to apple orchards or pumpkin patches, I thought I’d be a great time to share a quick apple dip recipe. If you are wanting a fancy apple dip recipe to take to a party, check out Beth Ann’s recipe on her blog, It’s Just Life: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.


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