Share Your World – 2014 Week 48

So I am back at the Share Your World Posts and this is another great one. A huge thank you to Cee from Cee’s Photography for putting this all together, even when you are sick! You Rock!

What is your favorite toppings on pizza?

My ALL time favorite pizza topping is Canadian Bacon & Sauerkraut! OMG! Amazing!! If I can’t get that kind, then I normally just eat cheese. My favorite CB & Sauerkraut is from Mabes Pizza in Decorah. You can get them mailed to you too, so even when you can’t be there which is SO cool!!

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Top 5 places to shop local in Mason City, Iowa

Yesterday, a few of the North Iowa Bloggers decided to spend the morning shopping local in Mason City, Iowa. Mason City is what I would say is the central “hub” of North Iowa. It’s the town the has all the big box stores, but when we went shopping, we wanted to make it a point to only shop local as there are so many stores with such great things! We were sure to find something for everyone in our families.

Here are the stores that we stopped at and are a must during the holiday season.

  1. Soyphisticated Candles

    Our first stop of the morning was at Soyphisticated Candles. To tell you the truth, I have lived next to Mason City my whole life and I never knew about this place! Sophisticated Candles is located on East State Street, right next to East Park. They have everything from candles to soaps, to sprays and oils.All of these products are made in Mason City with natural and renewable soy and essential oils. What I love about soy candles is that they burn cleanly, with very little to no black, sooty buildup.

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Lunch at the Ladybug Greenhouse Cafe, Bakery, & Spa

Yesterday, a few of the North Iowa Bloggers got together again to have some lunch at a fairly new restaurant to Clear Lake, the Ladybug Greenhouse Cafe, Bakery, Wellness Center & Spa. I’m always up for trying new restaurants, especially when they are in my hometown! 🙂

Photo Credited to Sara Broers of Travel with Sara.

Photo Credited to Sara Broers of Travel with Sara.

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Foodie Friday | Bagel Dip

Last night was yet another great night. A few of the North Iowa bloggers got together to have a fall birthday bash. I saw a few because our group is growing so much! I love that there are so many people in the north Iowa area who all share a passion for the same thing, yet we’re all so different! I will have to create a list of all the North Iowa Bloggers so I can link to the page with all their links. 🙂


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