Foodie Friday | Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich

Last week I went out to lunch with some of the North Iowa Bloggers to the Lady Bud Cafe. Beth Ann had their egg salad sandwich, which I i still want to try. But it got me thinking, There are so many calories in an egg salad sandwich. So since I love eggs, and I love egg salad sandwiches, but I hate the calories in it… here is a healthier version that is to die for! 🙂


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Foodie Friday: Reduced Guilt Brownies

Since my 27th birthday was on Tuesday, I am sharing my new favorite recipe for a healthy, yet delicious dessert. This mix and recipe ends up only being 3 WeightWatcher’s PPV so it doesn’t cut into my diet plans. What is you favorite healthy meal or dessert?

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Activity Trackers

ActivityTrackersActivity tracker’s seem to be a huge thing right now. I have had a few people ask me to write up my thoughts on the ones that I have used. I actually wear 2 tracker’s every single day. They each do different things so I really do feel I should wear both. These trackers—variations on wristbands, watches, and pendants—say that they monitor your physical activity during the day and, in some cases, the night.  Most of them link up via Bluetooth to their branded apps on a tablet or smartphone. They keep a log of how many steps you’ve taken, flights of stairs you’ve climbed, calories you’ve burned and in some, they track how well you are sleeping.

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Modern Rural Living: A Brand New Journey

For a few months now, I have been contemplating starting a blog and today, I took that leap. It sure is an adrenaline rush! The reason I started this blog is because (I think) I have so much to share and I figured this would be the best platform for me to do so. So let’s get this started.

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